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2016/02/08--9:11 am

Interested In Coaching @ SSTT?
First in Automated Robotic Playing System in the area!
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We are Closed Today!

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1836 Metzerott Rd (T-Level)
Inside the Presidental Towers Condos

Adelphi, MD 20783

Getting there!
Club Hours:
Tues - Thurs -- 12pm-9:00pm
Fri -- 12pm-3pm
Sunday -- 10am-3pm

We are CLOSED on MON. & SAT.
For information, send email to:


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5 Minutes from

2 blocks NW of New Hampshire & Metzerott RD
Competitive Playing Environment

  • Bring a buddy or play against any of the Club members!
  • Open Playing fees for non-members @ $10 per day is the best in the area!
  • Private lessons are available. Inquire here!
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    Smart Spin Table Tennis Facility
    Want to Inprove your game?
    We are at the moment developing this section. Soon, you will be able to see how our experience and life long coaches and trainers can help your game.

    Please try accessing this section again at a later time. For immediate information concerning coaching, please send us an email to: playtt@smartspin.net

    Parking Spaces During your Visit to SSTT There are plenty of parking spaces available at the building complex (Presidental Towers Condominiums). During your visit, please make sure you park your vehicle in any of the spaces designated for Visitors. These spaces are marked with "V" or "Visitor" and are located along the fence perimeter to the left of the complex.

    If you are driving a vehicle considered a "COMMERCIAL VEHICLE", please park in the designated "Visitor Commercial (VC)" Spaces. The VC space are located in the back of the complex, near the pool area.

    Parking in any other space may result in your vehicle being towed at your expense.

    Once parked, proceed to the lobby of the complex, sign-in at the desk and take the West Tower elevator to the T-level. Follow the signs for Smart Spin Table Tennis.
    Getting to The SSTT
    Smart Spin is conveniently located 2 blocks, Northwest of the intersection of New Hampshire and Metzerott Road which is about 4 blocks from I-495 New Hampshire Ave Exit 28A-B
    Special Guest Coach liu Chang Jiang

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